True Confessions of a Cannabis Entrepreneur
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BigMike Won't tell you

What BigMike Won’t Tell You About Advanced Nutrients

  The following is the shocking true story of one of the world’s biggest marijuana growers and the cannabis nutrient company spawned by his covert operations in the clandestine grow rooms and fields of outdoor pot plants he tended to for decades. In an industry where the big players try to distance themselves from the truth—that their nutrients aren’t really

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Bad News (and BIG Growth) For This Cannabis Cultivator and Entrepreneur

It’s strange… I can look back on my life and see how the greatest difficulties I’ve experienced were also my greatest gifts. I realize that may sound a little woo-woo and cliché. Doesn’t matter because… it’s true as steel. Those “bad” experiences were necessary to ascend me to the next step toward my goals and/or help me redirect course to

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What I Love About…

In a recent post, I talked about gratitude and promised I would write about the specific things I’m grateful for and love about cannabis, cultivation, our community, business, etc. I bet you feel the same about many of these things. What I love about GROWING cannabis… We’re bringing something positive into the world and cultivating a plant that has been

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Happiness, Cannabis, and Stealing Fire From the Gods

From the desk of BigMike Founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients Gazing at your lush green crop packed with fat colas bursting with trichomes… Inhaling the sweet, pungent aroma of the flowers… Knowing that you’ve done what you can to bring your crop to its true genetic potential, thereby maximizing potency, flavor, and yield (and, ultimately, financial value). Sharing it

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Success in the Cannabis Industry — What You Need to Know 

From the desk of BigMike Founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients Whether you’re new to the cannabis industry or are looking to take your existing cannabis business to the next level… What I’m about to share with you is essential to creating long-term success in the industry. As a lifelong grower and cannabis entrepreneur, I’m often asked, “How can I

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BigMikes Halloweed Bazaar 2021

BigMike’s Halloweed Bazaar 2021 Recap

Hey, I hope you’re doing great. At a mega-mansion perched on ten acres of prime Beverly Hills real estate, I recently hosted my 2021 BigMike’s Halloweed Bazaar. And after spending too much time apart due to COVID, I went all out to make sure it was one for the books. Pillars bursting into flames and fire performers greeted guests, while

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Buddy Big Bud Marijuana Mascot

Why I Started Advanced Nutrients …

Once upon a time, I started a cannabis company… The year was 1999. And already, for sixteen years, I’d been obsessed with discovering every way possible to maximize the potency and bud weight. Genetics, temperature, light, humidity, CO2, timing, water quality, pH levels, and root medium all played a role. But the area that held the most promise was nutrients.

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BigMike's Beliefs

The Beliefs of a Billion-Dollar Cannabis Entrepreneur 

I’m often asked what my beliefs are regarding cannabis, money, success, and life. And in this post, I’m going to share them with you. The fact of the matter is… Our beliefs shape our destiny. I love to read autobiographies about interesting people, especially those who are impacting the world in positive ways. I want to know where they come

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Marijuana plants and a gravestone

Why I Had to Die

Ten years ago this August, I died. And it was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. In fact, I can look back on my life and see how my most challenging experiences, the things that at first seemed “bad,” were just what I needed to evolve to the next level. For example… I was arrested for

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BigMike, Harold and Kumar

BigMike, Harold, Kumar, and the Pissing Bull

I have a super quick story about Harold, Kumar, and something someone did to Advanced Nutrients that was SUPER uncool. Once upon a time… The Good Ol’ Boys, who basically OWNED the entire hydroponics industry, ran ads in their magazines saying Advanced Nutrients had the best snake oil in the business. Because Advanced Nutrients was from Canada, their ads portrayed

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